The Cybersecurity Center leads research projects that dive deep into connected systems – smart home devices, cars, and databases – to ensure high-level security from threats such as hacking and phishing.
A woman using a laptop peers out a window.

Fresh-Phish Framework

This project is focused on building a dataset and analyzing machine learning classifiers against this dataset to determine which is most accurate in detecting phishing attacks.

The Internet of Things Lab

This project explores unique identification models and fine-grained access control models for IoT devices, including smart phones, door cameras, smart locks, and many more.


This project addresses the critical problem of defining and identifying spurious data and news concerning COVID-19 and tracking the source of misinformation.

Heavy Vehicle Security

This project investigates security weaknesses of the SAE J1939 protocol stack and proposes practically deployable solutions to counter some of the impending threats.

Energy Security

This project studies cyber-physical control and energy systems using the best tools and people available to ensure the safety of critical energy infrastructure.

Firmware Security

This project focuses on developing efficient testing techniques at the BIOS/Firmware level and developing robust protocols based on code signing and verification.